Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Steely Dan

click image for fullsize

This is as exciting as my life gets lately.
I am trying new shading styles, though. I always wanted to try screen tones. What do you think?


Doron said...

i like it.
kinda nifty!

by the way its dr. snug from flickr ;]

oh and its Rikki apparently! hmmmmm.

Mostly Water - By Shelly D. said...

of course I remember you, when did you get you DR. Degree? :P

Doron said...

sometime ago!
now its me and Mister silent faver controlling ones body.

Roy Klein aka InfectedTofu said...

The shading technique is horrible, horrible I say! You're making webcomics look professional! What are you trying to accomplish, get untalented hacks like me out of the business?

Bring back MSPAINT!

Tal said...

Well I think its very nice...

Of course it doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture for me if I start working with you now does it?

(get it? 'paint a pretty picture'? I kill me)