Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Drinking Buddies

click image for fullsize

He always has been a bad drunk.


kali said...

all webcomics artist have thier initial periods befor forming a uniqe stlye :P dont take it too hard and keep posting! ~_^

Doron said...

lol. i love yelling "HEYFUCKYOUMAN!!"
when somebody says something nice (like I love you) or when its too quite ;]
well i think that you should paint and draw all by hand.. or something like that.

Tal said...

Now that I've figured out how to comment, I really gotta compliment you on that bunny (rabbit). He's like your own personal (Sam &) Max, only alcoholic, angry and with dark shades.

If only the two could meet... In the Battle of the Bunnies!