Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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It's true, you know; once she even dosed off with her head in the water ball, and when I woke her she just kept on drinking..

So it took me about an hour of frustration and curses to get the scanner working with my moms mobile pc, since my dad took his imac to work, But I magically managed to do it. I was this close to disemboweling it, though. grrr...


Anna said...

love it.
nice cat, i alwaywes had problems with drawing those.

דניאל said...

(woo i'm posting a comment!)
nice work, stella looks like stella

tzav said...

the zzzz's are much better.
keep it up you

hamutal said...

you really had me there just with the title... hee hee... nacroleptic cat... :)
You should make a series out of it, you know... :)