Monday, June 25, 2007

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It's so hot today, I can barely move. I've become a plant. or some sort of rock. Even typing is an effort. Not to mention sitting. Anna, if you're reading this - I bet you don't miss those dripping hot Te-Avivian summers.

Nothing to say about todays strip.


Annael said...

Also, the universe's hovercraft is full of eels. Thats why it needs all those energetic wannabes. To regenerate. Ya know? Nice blog, who do I have to embarass to get one too? Don't answer that :D

Mostly Water said...

Trust me, I wouldn't. I'm afraid you know too much about me and my forbidden, shameful sexual travesty involving eels. and a couple of them margaritas..

Jabo said...

Yo, wassup nigga!

Mostly Water said...

Yo Yo! welcome to my hood, or something..


Anna said...

hay... its hot here to... 33c?!

yo yo from philly the city of brotherly love!